Bagel Bar

After that first night not sleeping, they went for breakfast sandwiches at the cramped bagel joint overlooking Main Street. The two of them ordered at the counter, but Clyde waited for the tray of food to be prepared. He took the tray and approached the empty stool next to her hoisted bottom and dangling legs. … More Bagel Bar

Barfly Bantering

But I tell you when you’re alone and you’re prowlin’ you make the jukebox your wingman. Like I see you here making yourself look all approachable. Kid like you, I know you got needs and these college girls running around spending daddy’s 100K it’s a no-brainer where your head should be. It’s barrel fishing with … More Barfly Bantering

Kay Jones

“Go on, cry your salty tears into my wounds. Cut me down with your words and hide the tools to build me again. Just know there is a place you cannot reach, a place your neglectfulness turns to a stockpile of resentment. Know that room is almost full.” – from a page in Luke Jacobi’s … More Kay Jones