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Surviving Suicide: What I’ve Learned After 10 Years

10 years ago, I attempted suicide. On a summer night in 2008, my parents drove me from the house where I was raised to the emergency room in an effort to save the life of their 21-year-old son. My action was built on several years of mental turmoil and anguish, of unchecked thoughts and words… Continue reading Surviving Suicide: What I’ve Learned After 10 Years

Essay · Mental Health · Rudimentary Philosophy

Inkwell Reflections for Miss Dickinson

White dress white dress how softly compressed prismatic coordinates printed over a spectrum of threads matching sheets covering the little table and chairs in the upper room of consciousness. White—no color or all the colors at once? All the bright or all the dark the stark dark hair and the pale face pale arms pale… Continue reading Inkwell Reflections for Miss Dickinson

Essay · Mental Health

Stigmas, Silence, and Schooling

After almost nine years, I still cannot get a clear sense of what happened during the months that followed my high school graduation. The diagnosis that has become a descriptor of my identity fogs up the lenses of self-retrospection. Concepts like failure, accomplishment, becoming well-adjusted, figuring out the next steps in life, getting knocked down… Continue reading Stigmas, Silence, and Schooling