I want your Kevlar skin— evolutionarily engineered to banish the blades, the bullets, the bad omens. I want your ‘fuck the world’ attitude you sport the known, flawed self—unhindered by inevitable judgement no blood loss no bullshit no brown nose no nothing but grit and gums and safety pins because they owe you, not the … More Envy

Planes of You

Most of us do not remember the first time we learned our shapes. Until you budded into my life, I thought that I knew all the circles, squares, and rectangles – the rigidly defined personalities, those with a set number of sides, those who are predictable, parallel, familiar. I look back on the cast of … More Planes of You

Morning Scroll

“Good morning!” appears atop of the stream, a foolhardy greeting for a pile of memes posted by parrots petering political puff to make our mouths smile or cause them to huff. Oblivious addicts, under-the-bridge trolls, we stretch out our fingers for our morning scrolls.


I fell in love with a girl named Conviction. We are inseparable. When I walk, I walk with Conviction. When I speak, I speak with Conviction. Before her I was faithless, with her I believe.


jam on wheat sticky tiny fingers checkered picnic blanket pale green marks collect upon knees ruined Sunday’s best wooded journey opens cool clearings comfort murky forests enclose the fallen oak a prone giant still ever resilient humid afternoons serve as the onions cut making angels to cry their fat tears pelt your soft head drip … More Sylvan

Cherry Tomato

Delicate skin fleshy bulb petite royalty. So soft, so small. Plump, round, majestic lingering on green vine. Shine beneath Apollo’s rays! Blood as red as your own pulses through my body now, my gaze fixed on you. I lust for the truth you hold, but I know you will not satisfy intellectual hunger (for I … More Cherry Tomato