Pillow Talk

You cannot escape truth when talking across a pillow. Delirious comfort leaves no space for fear. If there was a banking system for time, for moments, for getting back what we’ve lost, I would invest all these empty hours I bleed out introspectively on a page for a few voiceless words whispered across the pillow from … More Pillow Talk


I want your Kevlar skin— evolutionarily engineered to banish the blades, the bullets, the bad omens. I want your ‘fuck the world’ attitude you sport the known, flawed self—unhindered by inevitable judgement no blood loss no bullshit no brown nose no nothing but grit and gums and safety pins because they owe you, not the … More Envy

Laughter Saves Lives

Where is the worth in waiting? I have been locked in stasis, hungry for change (as I’ve come to define waiting), but cannot find all that much to value there. Be present. Instead of expelling your desire waiting for summer, embrace winter. Summer will come regardless. Don’t just give up on what you can accomplish … More Laughter Saves Lives

You Better Run

When you go for long runs, moments become monumental. After a while, you finally hit that temperature when the pores on the crown of your head open like infants’ eyes, oozing the byproduct of your stamping feet’s toil. Their opening is the moment you desire from the time you take your first stride. Hammering the … More You Better Run

Barfly Bantering

But I tell you when you’re alone and you’re prowlin’ you make the jukebox your wingman. Like I see you here making yourself look all approachable. Kid like you, I know you got needs and these college girls running around spending daddy’s 100K it’s a no-brainer where your head should be. It’s barrel fishing with … More Barfly Bantering

Cherry Tomato

Delicate skin fleshy bulb petite royalty. So soft, so small. Plump, round, majestic lingering on green vine. Shine beneath Apollo’s rays! Blood as red as your own pulses through my body now, my gaze fixed on you. I lust for the truth you hold, but I know you will not satisfy intellectual hunger (for I … More Cherry Tomato