Here Has Been Us

At the end of the driveway, out of reach from the parental sensor light, the car off save for its accessorized music maker, two adolescents conversed. “Maybe I wasn’t driving at all. Maybe the roads were actually operating as treadmills and they moved under us. We remained stationary. We didn’t really just drive there, the … More Here Has Been Us

Chlorine and Sea Spray

A four-star hotel had its foundation near where the Pacific laps the mainland with a ravenous host of frothy tongues. Two skinny hoods skated past on splintered boards with rusted bearings that squealed, hungry for replacement or grease whatever remedy would silence their pangs. Their hunger was osmosed through the feet of their riders. The … More Chlorine and Sea Spray

Willow Creek

I remember when Stacy and I would go down to Willow Creek to skip rocks. I’d get mine all the way across; hers would only travel about half the way before descending out of view. “No one’ll ever try to skip that one again,” I’d say as the stone tucked itself in to the muddy … More Willow Creek

Barfly Bantering

But I tell you when you’re alone and you’re prowlin’ you make the jukebox your wingman. Like I see you here making yourself look all approachable. Kid like you, I know you got needs and these college girls running around spending daddy’s 100K it’s a no-brainer where your head should be. It’s barrel fishing with … More Barfly Bantering