Fiction · Scene · Short Story

Fodder for Retrospect

The limp expression on his face was nothing new, but it still tore gently into Monica’s chest each time she looked at her son. With each tear in the fabric of motherhood, she buried the urge to give up, to send him to another doctor, to admit to the nagging suspicion that she might be… Continue reading Fodder for Retrospect

Essay · Rudimentary Philosophy


All day I have been hearing jazz faintly playing in my room. It does not seep through the wall nor does it rise from the chambers below. The riffs are generated within my mind. My ears glimpse phantom sound waves—unseen, invisible. Their nonexistence will startle me any longer. For I am a music box of… Continue reading Attic

Character Sketch · Fiction

The Goddess Who Lives on the Dirt Road off Route 12

Every morning, on my drive to school, I see her waiting for the yellow bus to come and haul her off to St. Paul’s School for Girls. She wears a red and blue plaid skirt and a navy blue sweater vest because that’s what all the girls have to wear at that place. I drive… Continue reading The Goddess Who Lives on the Dirt Road off Route 12