Bagel Bar

After that first night not sleeping, they went for breakfast sandwiches at the cramped bagel joint overlooking Main Street. The two of them ordered at the counter, but Clyde waited for the tray of food to be prepared. He took the tray and approached the empty stool next to her hoisted bottom and dangling legs. … More Bagel Bar


It is a little-known fact that when you look at the back of a movie poster you see a mirror image of the picture on the front.  The same goes for how the images look when you stand behind the movie screen itself. Spend enough time in the seats of a cinema, and you will … More Cinematic

Askers and Tellers

A thought on verbal conversation. It is a noticeable aspect in conversation that when one party offers a piece of information the other party will either respond with an inquisition about said tidbit of personal data or reply with tangential information from their own experience. Reflection on exchanges where one type of response outweighs the … More Askers and Tellers