Fiction · Gallimaufry

Seeing the Signs

Observing signs in the modern age. In the city… There’s a man standing facing the flow of foot traffic when I get to the train station. I notice an easel stand with a sign clipped from fasteners on the top edge. The thick black words on the sign ask of the passersby, “Do you know… Continue reading Seeing the Signs

Fiction · Short Story

Lights on the Farmhouse Table

Retrospect would have had me listen a whole lot closer when Dale Parish first told me about the lights. You know what they say about hindsight. Dale lived his whole life on his family’s farm. Ever since grade school, he’d start first period having already been up at least four hours. The rest of us… Continue reading Lights on the Farmhouse Table

Fiction · Short Story

Knee-high by the Fourth of July

On the opposite side of the road passed the third pickup he’d seen that afternoon donning an oversized American flag waving in the blackened air behind the cab's smokestack exhaust pipes. Patriotism, he thought as stomach acid warmed his chest, muddied and misled. The giant flag, strung from a 4’’X4’’ wooden post, flapped in animated… Continue reading Knee-high by the Fourth of July

Character Sketch · Fiction

The Goddess Who Lives on the Dirt Road off Route 12

Every morning, on my drive to school, I see her waiting for the yellow bus to come and haul her off to St. Paul’s School for Girls. She wears a red and blue plaid skirt and a navy blue sweater vest because that’s what all the girls have to wear at that place. I drive… Continue reading The Goddess Who Lives on the Dirt Road off Route 12