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Laughter Saves Lives

Where is the worth in waiting? I have been locked in stasis, hungry for change (as I’ve come to define waiting), but cannot find all that much to value there.

Be present. Instead of expelling your desire waiting for summer, embrace winter. Summer will come regardless. Don’t just give up on what you can accomplish where and when you are. Waiting is fickle. You can’t trust it at all. Embrace what you have right now and just love it to death. Equip yourself with the knowledge that tomorrow is a new day and a will provide you a new set of experiences. Never forget you’re in the midst of that set right now, too. Today is a new set of feeling. More to embrace and to love and to just wrap up in and snuggle hard.

Time is a weird thing, but it’s also the best thing. No time means no life. You don’t have time? Bullshit. You have so much time it is unbelievable. If you don’t believe that, then I’ll put it another way. You have so little time it is unbelievable. I trust either perspective with equally inspire you to command the life you desire and deserve. Take it. Take time. Just use it all up, maximum amounts. Go out instead of siting at home. Get involved and learn about people. Interact. Buy something from a human being, even if it’s easier to do it from the screen who’s stolen your gaze and the gazes of the masses. Sit home with a book or a cup of tea or spend an evening speaking on the phone with someone who hasn’t heard from you in years. Meet them. Meet their soul. Absorb so much of them it hurts.

Laugh and smile and don’t stop doing that. It’s so amazing. Laughter saves lives. Laughing saved my life. That’s my testimonial and that’s my creed. I want to save someone else. I’m going to smile at everyone. Laugh for the hell of it, for the freedom in it. For the loss of control that goes along with it. I can tell you that. I do not want anyone to thank me, I just want them to pass it along. Huge grins and audible laughter.

The hardest part of waiting is waiting for something that is not a given. It is not something that may actually happen, the kind of waiting where hoping pulls a lot of the wait. But hope keeps us ticking. Hope is our fuel. Hope is my fuel. If you acknowledge the difference in waiting for something an working for something, you soon find little value in the passivity in the former. The moment is now. When you make every moment big, you understand the façade of waiting.  The wait is over whenever you say.

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