It is a little-known fact that when you look at the back of a movie poster you see a mirror image of the picture on the front.  The same goes for how the images look when you stand behind the movie screen itself. Spend enough time in the seats of a cinema, and you will … More Cinematic


Middle age endows its members with, amongst strands of grey, bushels of gifts. Most are neglected, others embraced, but none must go unnoticed. Years accumulate, begging the excavation of long-buried relics—memories tucked under blankets of time. Unlike meticulously dusted deposits of Jurassic carbon, the artifacts of days past have a tendency to uproot hurriedly from … More Middleton

Breadth of Breath

Breathing comes naturally. You launch from of your mother’s insides—POP!—equipped with innate survival skills, preprogrammed to do something you will do until the last day you are alive. How peculiar (because the action is automatic) are those moments when you are aware of the ebb and flow of the air you are filtering? You can … More Breadth of Breath

Measurable Time

INT – A MODEST DWELLING – LATE NIGHT The slim frame of ALEC passes a doorway where a man with grey in his beard sits facing the other direction. BARRY stirs in his chair and calls the figure he hears rustling in the other room to come speak with him. BARRY speaks, inaudibly, to the … More Measurable Time

The Vacuum Dance

Maid and maiden in one, collecting dirt and dust brought down by time itself, is oft confined to her wayward thoughts. No matter the lonely durations when futile impresses nullify her persisting mind, gladness is pinned on her tired heart. Within dusting and polishing and scrubbing and scraping dried food pieces from dinnerware, one task … More The Vacuum Dance

Tribute to the Yellow Prince: Words for Parker Dudley

These are words for Parker Dudley, my beloved yellow Labrador Retriever, as recorded by his best friend a few times over the span of his life. Fall 2002: (The beginning of a draft of a letter the 15-year-old version of me envisioned handing Parker’s veterinarian prior to his neutering surgery. Sadly, this first paragraph is … More Tribute to the Yellow Prince: Words for Parker Dudley