Morning Scroll

“Good morning!” appears atop of the stream, a foolhardy greeting for a pile of memes posted by parrots petering political puff to make our mouths smile or cause them to huff. Oblivious addicts, under-the-bridge trolls, we stretch out our fingers for our morning scrolls.

The Facebook Bump In

So you’re on Facebook, right? At the very least, you have Facebook open somewhere in that pile of programs you’re forcing your computer to run. You sat down at your desk over an hour ago, calm and collected, your mind clear. Two minutes later, involuntarily became Alice, skirts plumed out like an umbrella, tumbling down … More The Facebook Bump In

Yelling Tinder

Courtney hadn’t seen her mother in almost a year and a half. It’s the sacrifice you make when you move from one coast to the next to pursue a job, or in her case, a relationship. That whole thing had blown up in her face. two years after the big move from upstate New York … More Yelling Tinder

Undeveloped Film

When you take a picture, be aware of what it leaves. In the years before taking a picture was as simple as pulling a thin, rectangular device out of your pocket and tapping a certain spot on its glass, people would buy these little plastic cylinders that housed this stuff called film. Those canisters were … More Undeveloped Film

Penned Out

Ideas, once inked in permanence, are now buried beneath an ever-growing, pixelated timeline. (Is it so much different than having them closed between bound pages and set up on rarely visited bookshelf, the stacks in the library surrounded by thin carpet tread upon no longer?) They are suffering silent agony in the bottom of a … More Penned Out