Essay · Rudimentary Philosophy

Perpetual Discovery

Seize each breath with the satisfaction of knowing that newness is around each and every bend in the day. Pull the air in deeply. Expel it in due rhythm.

Attune yourself to the lyrics of the song you’ve never listened to close enough to realize how precisely they describe your current situation.

Imprint to your memory the smile of a former stranger who swiftly turned into a cherished friend. Tap into the warmth of their company when life has made you chilly.

Seek wisdom from a child that knocks you off your smugly high-important feet. Allow yourself to be taken down a peg or two. Listen to their reasoning for it is sound.

Stare at something real. Stare at something beyond a screen. Stare long. Contemplate without comment. Seek out the bright reds, purples, and oranges reflected on the edges of clouds as the sun descends below their fluffy suspension.

Want not if the wanting breaks your heart, but learn from the hurt when it comes.

Be a perpetual discoverer of the freshness surrounding all that lives.

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