Darkroom Lighting Adjustment

He glimpsed in her the possibility of an unwavering light; the constant, overpowering source of life that allows nothing dark to stay without an interrogation proving its validity. She, for a moment, caught sight of a hidden trove of underexposed prints in the darkroom of his soul, and with her assuring smile, replaced the gloomy incandesce of the reddish hue that had until then glowed in that place within him with a brilliance of illumination. The change in lighting caused him  a temporary blindness, feeling at once thrilled with the temporary disappearance of the darkroom fears and a frightening sensation of what her reaction would be when she saw what was hiding in wait. As his eyes adjusted to the light she brought to the contrasted dark of his life, he realized what she had been doing while his sight was lost. The illumination she cast into the darkroom had brought about an unmasking of a thousand fears, their forms fooling him for his prior-to-her-existence-in-it life: a throng of butterflies suspending ragged bedsheets and casting shadows on his mind. Her light exposed their facade. She understood their inherent purpose, forgave them their forlorn presence in this pitiful space of his soul, and released them back into the wild of his heart.   

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