Page Six

The coats hanging on their pegs look over my shoulder music penetrates my ears drumming through to my feet where they refuse to be still cannot be told where they are treading must contain the shaking legs limbs split the thumping on the carpet where we dug holes for the fish bones found tossed by the dumpsters and now I look at you and you twist into two dogs wag that tail in time with your twin’s Gemini canine cay eight seven six five more hours before they cue the sun into the sky so bright this electronic light you two bark at the animal noises pulsing from the speakers and the needle skips to my mary-lou and the stained wall spreads its fingers toward the window I can see myself in the shadow and in each dripping paint bead still wet but hush the lids down and go to my inner sanctum electron-ic disease cannot come in so the movement of the pen forms illegible words stamped in flashes that fly by through the vortexing swirls in whole units an alphabet of words that beam outlines through fogged muddled thought clouds clear crisp azul hey horses and fairgrounds stages animatronic band of overgrown rodents stand rigid and I revise your presence into this place now here sink into the shape I need you to be take the glaze and kiln and maintain.


What'd you think of that?

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