Nighttime in Early Morning

Hot enough that you could not bear to touch it, but the nerves on the back of your neck danced all the way to the tip top of your head feeling its radiance from a short distance. Those feelings shoot from your bare toes. This swelling, that release. You swear you almost smell burnt hair. Put your cheek next to it. Like a log burning and popping off hot sparks that float and burn and poof! they never were but victims of the crisp, autumn air. It does not matter if your legs are cold as long as your hands aren’t.

Ever see a body drenched in heat? Revealed by its vapor drifting off the head, neck and limbs after they’ve been for a September run or just stepped from a hot tub into the cool November air…you’ll see millions of mists colliding into each other as they race from the skin. Jumping from under hair. Cooling the body and warming the soul.


What'd you think of that?

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