Essay · Gallimaufry

A Quick Introduction

It was recently suggested that I begin blogging. Two of my closest friends used to josh by saying that they had me pegged as one who would have a blog, which had not been the case until now. So here I am, typing for whomever to see.

I used to be an avid writer of creative fiction and poetry, but those words are only contained in  a few volumes of composition books. This is where I want to replant them and nurture their growth. Here is where they’ll remind me of the joy writing brings and that I possess the talent to compose reflections of life or fantasy in prose. I need to return to writing, communicating, expressing. This will be that outlet.

The weather is magnificent today here in this small Pennsylvanian town. The heat brings sweat to my brow, but I am contented by the constant breeze keeping me cooled down.

I must make my exit, but I am hopeful of starting this little technological venture…

What'd you think of that?

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