Upping the Keep: Dusting off The Storymatic

Greetings, Readers!

In the past, I was given this parlor game/writing prompt tool called The Storymatic. It’s remained on my shelf until very recently, when I realized its potential to budge the gunk in my creative pipes and get ideas flowing. The Storymatic is a box of cards, upon which are written words or phrases that describe either characters (gold cards) or settings/scenarios (bronze cards). Simply put, the would-be storyteller draws two gold and two bronze card sets out to do some down home narrative alchemy. I am thinking Sophisticating the Rudimentary will be a delightful forum to write and display these stories. For one, I have allowed too much nonsense distract me from my writing in the past two months, save for character work on some longer-form projects and want to rhythmically return to posting original ideas here. Call me crazy, but a thrill comes over me knowing that my thoughts live on this site. Perhaps these exercises will help keep me on task with maintaining regular posts.

Aside: I also am hoping to get into a schedule of posting sketches and scenarios about a few of my characters in a more regular fashion. I was thinking Bradshaw Rogers and Caitlin Andrews, who I have a piece or two about on here already, and a yet to be revealed Paunchy Worthington. For starters, that is. So, if you see more regular, seemingly incomplete posts regarding these characters, it is merely my way of developing their evolution and learning about them for all to see.

Those are the updates from yours truly. Wave to strangers.


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